British Council

The British Council has  moved to the British Embassy compound. However, while the library can be virtually accessed, the books and other resources have been transferred to The Ethiopian National Archive which is located behind Ethiopian Television and Radio Enterprise building.

Phone:  0111 232834

Goethe Institute

Goethe Institute is a cultural center affiliated with German Cultural Center. Found around Sidist Kilo, behind the Addis Ababa University, Faculty of Business and Economics, Goethe Institute facilitates trainings related to film-making and other arts and entertainment.

The Institute also comprise the famous Gallery of Guebrekristos Desta. Cafe/Restaurant, Internet cafe and Language Learning center are there inside the premises of the institute.

Phone:  0111 242345/46

Institute of Ethiopian Studies

Institute of Ethiopian Studies is located inside Addis Ababa University, Sidist Kilo (Main) campus. The institute facilitates and hosts public lectures and screenings, especially movies and lectures of historical, academic and cultural significance. The Institute, known otherwise as IES has also a big library containing publications on Ethiopia.

Phone:  0111 19469

Italian Cultural Institute

Italian Cultural Institute is found around Semien Hotel, Belay Zeleke Road. The Institute facilitates several film screenings as well as different cultural occassions.

Phone:  0111 113655/ 0111 553427

Russian Center for Science and Culture

Russian Center for Science and Culture is located around piazza on the road off to cathedral church/school. In addition to organising several art occassions such as book premierings and literature (poem and short stories are read to the audience, mostly by the writers themselves) reading sessions, the Center is also used to stage different plays. The center can potentially be used to screen movies as well.

Phone:  0111 551343