Film Training

The Mentorship Programme

The Ethiopian Film Initiative, in partnership with
The International Emerging Film Talent Association (IEFTA)  

invites applicants, mentors and support for its Inaugural 2014/15 Mentorship Programme.

The programme is facilitated by GBGG Productions.

Our Mission
Dedicated to identifying and developing the creative talent of ambitious and career-ready East-African film creatives, the EFI is soliciting applicants for its newly established Mentorship Programme. Our goal is to provide opportunities for cinematic creativity and to spur the delivery of accomplished and affecting film narratives to audiences worldwide.

With assistance from the International Emerging Talent Film Festival of Monaco and GBGG Productions (a social issues film collective), the EFI’s Mentorship Programme for emerging storytellers offers guidance, experience and resources in a nurturing, professional environment to film creatives from underdeveloped and under-industrialized East-African nations.