Theo Eshetu

Theo Eshetu is a video artist who uses the manipulation of television language as a means for artistic expression. His work unites a formal research on the grammar of video with themes taken from anthropology so as to create a personal statement on the nature of video as a form of communication. The re-elaboration of ritual, symbol and myth is used as both the subject matter and form of expression. Theo Eshetu was born in London in 1958, but spent part of his childhood in Ethiopia. He got his degree in Communication Design at the North East London Polytechnic. He has been working as a video maker and photographer in Italy since 1982. Formed White Light Productions in 1986 for the production of innovative television programmes. His works include:

Travelling Light (1992)

Il Sangue Non e’Acqua Fresca (1997)

Brave New World, 2000

Africanized, Theo Eshetu, 2001

Body & Soul v. 3, Theo Eshetu, 2004