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We need your support to move forward! If you would like to donate to the EFI, please follow the link below and make your donation via a secure PayPal transaction using your credit card or bank account details.

Any amount you can give will be highly appreciated or choose from specific donation categories below.


  • 50 euros a year to be named a friend of EFI and receive our films as they get released
  • 100 euros to support a dedicated film screening
  • 250 euros to support the development of the EFI website
  • 500 euros to support a specific forthcoming workshop
  • 1,000 euros to become a named co-producer of one of the next documentary films

If you prefer to pay by cheque or bank transfer rather than PayPal or if you are a US taxpayer and require a 501(c)3 receipt kindly get in touch with EFI .