Teklu Tilahun

Director, Screen Writer and Author Teklu Tilahun was born and raised in Addis Ababa. An active member of mini-media during his school year, he was trained in journalism by the Ethiopian Journalists Association. He is the founder of the journalists’ association Tiflame.

Teklu’s first book, Yalsekene Zema, was published in 2003. He has since released nine books including Yelot Menged, the famous Yechin Kusil (A wound in the Thigh) re-printed 13 times, Kesiket Bestejerba (Behind Success), Yesiket Mengedoch (Ways to Success), and Dezderata. He collaborated with Abiye Demise and Tesfahun Metiku in writing Janhoyen Man Gedelachew (Who Killed the Emperor?) and Yeken Chelema (Daylight Darkness). He also published Yaltezemerelachew Jegnoch (Unsung Heroes) with the support of the USA embassy.

Turning to the audiovisual industry, Teklu produced several TV commercials, Music Videos, documentary films and the currently showing Asertu Kenat. 

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P.o.box 20484 Addis Ababa