Richard Muller

Richard Muller started out not in the film industry but as a lighting designer on stage productions. This led to lighting on several music videos, which served as platform to launch him into full-time work on set as a gaffer and spark on corporate videos, low-budget commercials and short films. Originally mastering in Stage Design at Wits university, he shifted his degree to focus more on film and television, graduating with and Honours degree in Dramatic Arts and Film, and an award for cinematography.

He has since worked as an HD technician, Director, Editor, focus puller, Steadicam operater and Cinematographer. He has also trained as colourist, and finished a feature film, several documentaries, commercials and television series'. In 2008 he developed and ran a training course for the Department of labour, focused on training school-leavers with the skills necessary to serve as assistants and crew for the 2010 world cup. His main focus now is as a Cameraman and Director of Photography and just completed several music videos and commercials.