Salem Mekuria

SALEM MEKURIA is Associate Professor of Art at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, and an independent film producer, writer, director, originally from Ethiopia. For a number of years, she worked with NOVA, Public Television's premier science documentary series, a production of WGBH-TV, and with numerous international film productions focusing on issues of African women and development. Salem Mekuria is the recipient of numerous awards, production grants and fellowships. Her films have been broadcast internationally and have screened at venues all over the world.

She is the writer, producer, director of:

"IMAGinING TOBIA", 2006, a Triptych Video Installation

"RUPTURES" A Many-Sided Story", 2003, a Triptych Video Installation

"YE WONZ MAIBEL" (DELUGE), 1997, a 60 min. documentary

"SIDET: Forced Exile", 1991, a 60 min. documentary

"AS I REMEMBER IT", A Portrait of Dorothy West, 1991, a 60 min. documentary "OUR PLACE IN THE SUN", 1988 a 30 min. documentary.

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