YETUT LIJ: A film by Haile Gerima

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Join Haile Gerima, the award-winning filmmaker behind TEZA, SANKOFA & BUSH MAMA, on a new journey.

YETUT LIJ /የጡትልጅ/ is an Amharic phrase, that crudely translates to "Child of the Breast." It’s a term typically used to refer to any child taken in and raised by someone, other than their biological parent. The title imitates the harsh and complex realities that Haile Gerima wants to address in his new film.  

The story takes place in 1960’s Ethiopia, 20 years after the Italian occupation.

Aynalem, a 13-year-old peasant girl, gets adopted by a wealthy judge's family and taken away from her own, with the promise of an educated upbringing and a better life.

Contrary to this promise, she is instead forced to work as a domestic servant. Yet, despite the close watch and cruelty of her employers, she meets and falls in love with an ordinary police man, named Tilahun.Though, he manages to help her escape her circumstances, Tilahun finds Aynalem years later, in the clutches of another formidable captor.

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