Asertu Kenat (The Ten Days)

Teklu Tilahun’s Asertu Kenat (The Ten Days) is a 105-minute long drama that shows the complexities of a family.

Produced by Yosef Tesfaye, the film focuses around an ailment which has no cure (Amino Trophy Lateral Scleroses). Happiness and sadness, hope and despair, generosity and greed, love and hate all take turns in the film.

Over 150 actors take part in the film, including renowned Fekadu Teklemariam and Aster Alemayehu. Also featuring in the movie are Elias Shafi, Leulseged Milkesa, Hiwot Gebremariam and Fedadu Shumeye.

Asertu Kenat has been screened in different cinemas in Addis Ababa including Sebastopol Cinema and is due to be screened at Ambassador. Asertu Kenat is Godolias Entertainment Company’s first feature length film.