Abugida - a two hour-long Amharic film based on the true story of the events around the failed coup attempt against  Col. Mengistu Hailemariam in May 1989.

The failed coup d'etat resulted in an extensive manhunt with numerous high-ranking  generals and senior officers suspected of involvement in the plot being killed and others jailed. Exploring how and why the coup attempt happened, the film weaves a story of power, greed, betrayal and disintegration of families.

Directed and produced by Ethiopian actor Mulualem Tadesse, with script  by playwriter Tesfaye Gebremariam.

The extensive cast of actors include renowned Teferi Alemu, Abebe Balcha and Mulualem Tadesse.

Abugida was produced by Mulualem Film Company and MATI Cinema.

The film was released at Alem Cinema in October 2006.