Tsehai Loves Learning

An Educational Preschool Media Initiative for Ethiopia Already popular with parents and children in Ethiopia, “Tsehai Loves Learning” has recently gained international acclaim, winning prizes at the worlds two biggest competitions for children’s media in 2008. With awards at both Prix Jeunesse and Japan Prize, “Tsehai Loves Learning” has been internationally recognized by children’s broadcasters and educational media specialists for its quality, social impact, and educational value.


Tsehai Loves Learning at a glance
・An educational children’s media effort building on over 35 years of research into educational television
・Puppets and animated characters speaking the local language of Amharic
・Targets children aged 3 – 6
・Reaches an estimated 2,800,000 to 5,000,000 children, most of whom have no alternative access to Early Childhood care
・Past productions made in partnership with UNESCO, Save the Children USA, IRC, and The African Child Policy Forum
・Select episodes dubbed into Tigrinya & Sudanese Arabic
・Winner of the 2008 Prix Jeunesse International Children’s Television Festival – “Next Generation Prize”
・Winner of the Japan Prize 2008 Educational Media Competition – Preschool Categor

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