Enkoklesh: Talk of the town

The plot centers around conflict and relationship stresses that affect innocent people on the sidelines especially children. It attempts to show how the lacks of conflict resolution skills have a detrimental effect on its un-intended victims. The Ethiopian Ministry of Culture/Tourism/Entertainment and others in the film industry have given Enkoklesh high praise. The producer is proud to present the premiere of Enkoklesh in its shooting location of Denver, CO, before the Ethiopian premiere in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in October 2009. We hope that you enjoy Enkoklesh and look forward to your feedback. 1 hour 37 mins.

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Written and Directed by Beza Hailu
Fikerete Getahun Seble Teffera Frehiwot Mellesse Tsedey(Mimi)Eshetu Frehiwot Assefa Werotaw Zewdu Nega Mandefro Solomon Tashe Saba Ferede Nekatibeb Hailu Wendwossen Gesesse Frehiwot HaileSilassie Wondwessen Aberra Behailu Getachew Dagmawit Sintayehu Melat Solomon
Frehiwot GebreMariam Efrem Shawel Roman GebreSilassie Abiy GebreMichael Yokabed Abebe Elizabeth Fekadu
Director of Photography
Tamerat Mekonnen Camera (US) Engdawork Agonafer Naod Gashaw
Yared Shumete
Beza Hailu