Synopsis: Mewuded, an 18 year-olds girl, went to lake-Awassa for a picnic with her parents and a young private driver. Her mother is a woman of pride and the father is of no mercy. Unlike her parents, Mewuded needs her total freedom to lead life on her own way. Parents never understood her until it's revealed that she had made a big mistake that would jeopardize the family's pride. This all forced them to drive back from the picnic in rage.

Genre: Family
Duration: 1 hr and 45 minutes

Staring: Hailemichael Deriba, Hailemariam Seifu, Nigist Hawaz Introducing: - Mahider Assefa
Location: - Solomon Lulseged
Casting & Props: - Saol Adinew Runner: - Aschalew Tessema
Lighting:- Tewodros Teshome Sound & setting: - Zelalem Tessema
Camera:- Michael Assefa
Script & Supervisor:- Hiwot Leykun Produced:- Yared Tesfa
Director:- Eniyew Dechassa

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