Camparada is one of the less abstruse cinematic efforts made by young Ethiopian filmmakers in recent years. Set on Mekelle University's campus, the romantic comedy follows the unlikely friendship of two college students: Danny, the campus dream boy, is partnered for a homework assignment with Gelila, a serious-minded introvert with little patience for his games. Working with a tight budget, the films crew makes the most of their resources, coordinating some fairly creative shots, including a lively opening sequence that gives a visual feel for the campus as well as the movie's upbeat nature. The films score purposefully (and with humor) incorporates hit songs by Beyonce and Busta Rhymes, as well as original hiphop and R&B tracks by Ethiopian artists. Its actors—Mekelle University students themselves—deliver their lines with a casual familiarity that stays true to their characters. While the movie is more or less a romantic comedy, it explores facets of social class and life typical of university campuses. The student's banter, in their quest to decipher what's meaningful and what isnt, is particularly enjoyable, covering everything from God and religion to dirty socks and Nido.With many Ethiopian films, you're never sure what quality of production or storyline you're going to get. Overall, Camparada does a great job with creating entirely plausible scenarios and characters. Those whod like respite from the nonstop melodrama typical of most movies will also appreciate that Camparadas comes in bouts, with a decidedly large serving right towards the end.

Subtitles: English

Director: Letibeb