Atletu - The Athlete

 A film about Abebe Bikila by Davey Frankel and Rasselas Lakew

Running the streets of Rome in 1960, an unknown barefoot Ethiopian man stunned the world by winning the Olympics gold in the marathon.

Overnight, Abebe Bikila became a sport legend; a hero in his own country and to the continent, Bikila was the first to win a gold medal and four years later in Tokyo, the first person in history to win consecutive Olympic gold medals in the marathon.

This soldier and quiet son of a shepherd is considered by many the greatest long distance runner in history.

The film won the audience's pinch the wide film festival in Edinburgh 2009 and The Lions Award for best film in The Bright future section wide Rotterdam film festival 2010.

Directed by Davey Frankel and Rasselas Lakew.

Written by Rasselas Lakew, Davey Frankel and Mikael Awake.




Rasselas Lakew as Abebe Bikila

Dag Malmberg as Onni

Rutas Gedmintas as Charlotte

Abba Waka Dessalegn as The Priest

Music by Christian Meyer