Lam Alegne

‘Lam Alegne…’ is the latest film from Ethiopian Film Maker Beza Hailu, who previously wrote and directed the Film ‘Enkoklesh’. The title ‘Lam Alegne…’ is a short version of the old Ethiopian proverb ‘I have a cow in the sky - I can’t get its milk because I can’t fly’. The plot centers around a young dreamer and his friend, who wish for the best things in life, but don’t want to work hard to get them. However, the short cut they took, is about to cut their dreams short.


Director: Beza Hailu

Director of Photography: Tesfaye Afework
Editing and Music: Abenezer Fekadu

: AsterYilma,Abenezer Fekadu, Beza Hailu
: Solomon Muhe, Hiwote Abebe, Nigusu Getachew, Behailu Getacher, Wendwesen Abera, Weinshet Kebede
Duration: 1:32

Company: Benda Picture Studios with Misale Film Production

Now showing at Alem Cinema