She moves in with him when she learns that she is carrying his baby. Her elder brother, puts the police on her track by falsely accusing Ashenafi of abducting his sister. 

Ashenafi and Nardos run away to Addis Ababa where the police pick up their scent again. They are so helplessly in love with each other that they must Levitra 10mg sever family ties, sacrifice comfort and privilege, and even risk their own lives rather than let hunger or persecution from a resentful brother come between them. Sisit is a kind of thriller spiced with tragedy somewhere in the middle of the story. As a film that evokes pity in the viewer it is one of a kind.


Producer: Abinet Agonafir
Production Company: AB film production
Scriptwriter: Abinet Agonafir
Director: Fitsum Kasahun
Production Manager: Ephrem Abebe
Genre: Tragedy
Duration: 1:47h

Based on a true story.