Mezeker embarks into an adventure which reserves him an emotional and professional interwoven challenge set up to prevent him from winning and changing the image of his poor though rich country. His main motivation is the prize money, which would enable him to marry his fiancée, Martha (played by Abyssinia G. Giorgis).

Martha's father is well-off and gives him some money to do the project which leads him from Addis to Gonder, Bahir Dar, and finally to Hammer where he befriends a girl, Welo (played by Brehane Birara) who solicits his help in finishing her education before getting married. This lands him uk online casino in trouble with the tribe as he is seen to be an inappropriate and negative influence on her.

As a result, he is required to pass through the traditional initiation ceremony of the tribe, including the jumping of the bulls, to become a Hammer hero and earn both the trust of the tribe back and his freedom.

With the exception of Brehane, the Hammer people, a colorful, traditional people in the South, who appear in the film are not actors but inhabitants of the village where a large part of the movie plays out. In following Mezeker in making his documentary, and putting him in conflict with their traditions and culture, it becomes an ethnographic movie in itself.

Co-Produced by East Africa Film Production & Lalombe Film
Screenplay: Abriham
Producer: Tilahun Tafere

Source: Ethiopian Reporter