His journey to Sidamo was life changing not only in terms of his career but also his personal life when he met the woman of his dreams Tsigereda and she became his Zahir, his breath, his obsession, a woman who he can’t live without. Mebratu was promoted in his job and everything seemed too good to be true for a while until Tsigereda was killed, and then everything went upside down for him. The film shows his despair, frustration and pain Payday Loans after losing the love of his life. Even if he was able to get married after his terrible loss and bear a son there was nothing which could heal his broken heart or who could make the broken pieces into a whole. Through those problems he gave and dedicated his whole life to his son and the film depicts that story.

Starring: Girum Ermias, Anteneh Asres, Mohammed Miftah, Melat Assefa, Taye Wondemu(Meta), Aster Mekonnen, Ephrem Lisanu, Biniam Bekele, Ephrem Tigabu, Bekele Meshesha, Medhanit Getachew, Tekola Teklab, Meron Getachew
Director: Habtamu Hibrework

Script writer: Anteneh Asres, Habtamu Hibrework, Girum Ermias

Producer: Sineshaw Alemu

Genre: Drama

Running time: 1hr 35 minutes