Across the Atlantic/Ke Atlantic Bashager

"Across the Atlantic" is a new and powerful film by Writer & Director Kidist Bayelign who brought you the provocative movies "Hiwot Endewaza "and "Etsebeles".

The movie takes place in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, thousands of miles from the main character's origins.

It's a coming of age movie with a dark side, where the worst of teenage behaviors surfaces to create a major cultural clash that eventually erupts into a frightful and dangerous situation.

The young actors provide plenty of suspense and intrigue while Ms. Bayelign has provided a hard-hitting script and technical achievement. This is her finest film to date and will be appearing in theaters in the US as well as Ethiopia by 2012.

Writer/Director: Kidist Bayelign

Assistant Director: Yacob Mengeste

Production Consultant: Allan Ebert

Production Company: Ethiwood Films

Cast: Rebecca Mesfin, RahelNamaga, Kuribachew Woldemariam, Kidist Bayelign

Year: 2012