I Won't Bear No More (2016)

I Won t Bear No More 2016"Yenegen Alewldem" (I will not bear tomorrow) causes a stir for depicting - through football - what may be Ethiopia's most bloody period in history."

"Ye Negen Alewdlem" - nearly two hours long - is based on a book written by veteran sports journalist Genene Mekuria about youths who used football as a distraction from the claustrophobic fear of the Red Terror.
Local government cadres created much of that fear by their all-embracing surveillance of the population and the power of life and death or freedom and imprisonment they were given through the authority to denounce 'anti-revolutionaries'.
The main character is a football coach played by Berhanu Degafe, a veteran entertainment journalist and personality. The coach uses his job as an escape from the danger of forcible recruitment into a local government-approved security force. He trains his players on roads littered with dumped bodies of 'anti-revolutionaries' and anti-government leaflets as he tries to juggle family disapproval with his desire to build a great football team at a dangerous time." (IMDB)

Writer & Director: Abraham Gezahagne Assefa
Genres: Drama, History, Sport