Where Is My Dog? (2010)


One day, Tokola's dog Leman disappeared. Tokola is a close friend of Yohannes Feleke and Miguel Llanso, so that's why the filmmakers reflected on the value of a dog and the great number of street dogs in Addis Ababa, trying to survive among the people. How are these dogs related to the inhabitants of the city? Do people love or hate them? Could be established a parallelism between the life of the dogs and the life of the people? Finally, this reflection would consider the general perception of Ethiopia from the West and would play experimentally with the western prejudices to display an ironic film with certain doses of black humor. Thus Yohannes Feleke and Miguel Llanso went to the streets of Addis Ababa. (IMDB)

Directors: Yohannes Feleke, Miguel Llansó
Writers: Yohannes Feleke, Miguel Llansó
Star: Tekola Tekle Ab

Genres: Comedy