Ewir Amora Kelabi (2016)

Ewir_Amora_Kelabi_2016.pngBased on a true story of Zekarias Tibebu Mesfin. Major Tibebu Mesfin has two children including myself. He was working for the Dergue Regine in Ethiopia. During the time he was working, there was a big ideological struggle and disagreement among his higher leaderships and administrations. Due to unforeseen situations, my father disappeared and his whereabouts were unknown. As a result of his disappearance, his higher officials went after my mother and put her in jail. They torched her to confess. the hardship she was facing, my mother decided to get out to Dire Dawa. She escaped from Dire Dawa and went to Gonder to live with my father's relatives. As I grew older, my ambition to help my mother grew deeper. I left Gonder and went to Addis Ababa looking for work. I started working as a barber, and I was just about ready to help my mother. However, my mother was sick; and her older brother had to come from Sudan to take her to Tigray for better treatment. My mother died and l left with no options, my last resort was migration with the help of my uncle. I planned a long trip to Israel. I started my journey from Metema traveled through Sudan; then to Egypt. During my journey, I had faced many problems in the Sinai Desert and Egyptian prisons for two years. I tried everything to survive. during my stay in the Egyptian prison, I tried to get an opportunity to immigrate to Canada. I managed to overcome all the problems I faced and traveled to Canada to start my new life. (IMDB)

Director: Sewmehon Yismaw
Writer: Zekarias Mesfin (Story)
Star: Zekarias Mesfin