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Addis International Film Festival 2010

The goal of the Addis Ababa International Film Festival is to provide African filmmakers, many of whom are just at the beginning of their careers, with a supportive and enthusiastic audience for the their creative efforts.

Furthermore, the Film Festival brings attendees a wide array of distinguished documentary pictures, which might otherwise be inaccessible to them. In the last years, we have attracted the attention of filmmakers all over the world, and the many letters we receive from them clearly demonstrate that we have already earned an enviable reputation for quality and integrity. Our growing status on the film festival circuit in Africa is reflected in the quality of the films submitted to us each year.

This season we will, once again, provide all screenings from 26 March 2010 until 4 April 2010 @ Sebastopol Cinema. We will also continue with seminars, workshops, appearances by renowned personalities of the film and art industries and many more exciting events. As in the past, our eclectic programming showcase, the art of documentary film and its unique power inspire and communicate a world of ideas and culture.

Each edition presents an array of extraordinary programs, presenting the work of brilliant filmmakers and providing a venue for established and emerging artists of films as well as documentary films enthusiast to see the most interesting international picks.

In the coming months Addis Ababa will be buzzing with news of the festival’s development, including events that will be hosted by renowned personalities of the film and arts industries. 

For more information go to or join the AIFF face book group “Addis International Film Festival”.