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FilmAfrica! Film Department Training

*APPLY NOW* for our new workshop program 2011

Treasuring African stories and wanting to enable young talented filmmakers to reach a larger amount of viewers, the independent film production company ONE FINE DAY FILMS developed with DW-AKADEMIE and GINGER INK a training workshop concept called FilmAfrica!.  It provides the instruction of young amateur filmmakers in various departments by professional filmmakers, as well as the realization of a feature film as an on the job training that conveys filmmaking in practice.

During the workshop a chosen group of talented young African filmmakers will get in contact with professional filmmakers from all over the world who are pleased to share their know-how and knowledge with them.


Module 1 – Film Department Training

The training module is taking place from July 4th - 15th 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya. 5-10 applicants will be chosen into the department listed below:


*Script Writing



*Production Design

*Sound Design


*and new this year: Film Acting


APPLY NOW - Guidelines and Application Form attached. The completed application form must be received by April 3rd 2011 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Module 2   Feature Film Workshop

(Film making and post production module)

The feature film is produced by ONE FINE DAY FILMS in co-production with GINGER INK and takes place in October/November 2010.

Participants of the Film Department Training (Module 1) will be chosen to attend the Feature Film Production.


The training course is conducted free of charge. All teaching materials and relevant course related costs will be covered by FilmAfrica!

During the workshop a free catering will be available for all participants, locals and from outside.

For participants coming from outside of Nairobi, Kenya, FilmAfrica! will cover the following costs – within the limits of pertinent German regulations 

Accommodation for the duration of the workshop

Costs for return journey between place of stay and Nairobi

Travels and hotels will be organized in coordination with FilmAfrica!

There is no provision of per diems. Participants not living in Nairobi should bring enough means for individual expenses to cover miscellaneous expenses, like phone calls home, laundry, and other individual costs. Furthermore FilmAfrica! cannot take out health, third party-liability or accident insurance. Do not consider taking part on the FilmAfrica! training program as a proper source of income.

We are looking forward to your application - see more information on the workshop programme and FilmAfrica! 

The FilmAfrica! Workshop programme is a partnership project between the ONE FINE DAY FILMS,  DW-AKADEMIE  and Ginger Ink. Films. It is supported by the German Federal Ministry for  Economic Cooperation and Development, the Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfahlen and  the  Goethe-Institut  Kenya.