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€Diza€“ Recycling made in Addis Ababa

Young boys look for pieces of special waste amongst the tons of garbage in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. What they collect is scrap metal or €œDiza€ as it is called in the country. The eponymously named four-minute-documentary by emerging directors Terhas Berhe and Naod Lemma examines how the scrap metal collectors contribute to the recycling of a material that otherwise would heavily pollute the environment for years to come. The old metal starts a new life circle, giving money to the collectors and the traders in Addis Ababa's Mercato area who resell the material to factories where it is melted and reused. But there are also negative side-effects for the scrap metal collectors: The material is sharp and can cause cuts in the hands which then often lead to a Tetanus infection.