Enkopa (2018)

"Enkopa depicts the struggles of an Ethiopian young woman, Enkopa, who wants to travel to Canada through neighboring country Sudan illegally in search of a better life. Enkopa portrays her efforts for survival against the brutality and inhuman treatment of traffickers. But her journey takes a detour when she faces sexual abuse, the constant demand for more cash from her traffickers, lack of support, and huge expectation from her family back home. She finds herself compelled to work in Khartoum. She makes friends along the way, faces their challenges and betrayal as they fight from stereotypical police who think "all Ethiopian women are whores". While her hope to land in Canada is shattered and facing hardship in Sudan, her family puts high pressure to go through the misery because they want her to succeed like their neighbor’s daughters. However, in every hardship, one might find love but it might come with an attachment. After lots of ups and downs, she realizes that one cannot achieve goals through illegal migration and she eventually prefers to maintain her identity."

Director: Abraham Demissie & Alemtsehay Bekele

Writers: Yodit Getachew, Belay Getaneh, Alemtsehay Bekele & Yodit Getachew

Key Cast: Elias Wosenyeleh, Surafel Teka, Melat Assefa, Fekadu Shumeye & Abraham Demissie